Sh!t Russian People From Montreal Say

#8 'Girls in Montreal don't know how to dress'.
Sh!t Russian People From Montreal Say

I've written a bunch of things about Russian people in Montreal already... I've helped you spot Russian girls on the streets of Montreal, I've successfuly convinced you to get a Russian girlfriend AND a Russian best friend, etc. Hey, now it's time for you to get even more familiar with our mysterious culture. You'll especially enjoy this post if you're a Russian Montrealer. So here are 10 things we say that other people probably can't relate to.

1. "What high school did you go to? Saint Luc?"

It seems to me that every single Russian immigrant kid went to Saint Luc high school at some point of their life.

2. "Are you going to the Russian party?"

These parties are happening pretty much every month and if you're not attending, you're not a real Russian.

3. "Montreal, davai do svidania!"

When Russian people leave for vacation, this is their Facebook status. It's also usually followed by being tagged in at Montreal Trudeau Airport.

4. "What are you doing for New Year's?"

Russian people wonder what everyone is doing for New Year's eve starting from September. It's our biggest party of the year, so we take it really seriously.

5. "Back in Sova and Taganka days..."

Circa late 90's early 00's was when these two notorious Russian party establishments were around. Shit really went down at these places, let me tell you.

6. "It was a great wedding - everyone got drunk and there was a huge fight at the end."

Russian people know that if there is no fist fight at the end of a wedding, that wedding was clearly not fun. 90% of Russian weddings take place at one of these restaurants, by the way.

7. "My mom/grandma makes the best pelmeni!"

Every Russian person's mom and/or grandma is the best cook in the world.

8. "Girls in Montreal don't know how to dress."

After living in Montreal for 15 years, I can confirm that it's actually the other way around. Russian girls are the ones with questionable fashion statements. Sorry.

9. "You're not Russian, you're from Moldova."

Ughhh... we're all from the USSR, can we at least agree on this? My mom is Ukranian and my dad is Russian, what does this make me?

10. "Russian girls are the prettiest."

That's a fact. Especially in Montreal, hihihiiii!