Sign The Petition To Ban Plastic Straws In Montreal

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Sign The Petition To Ban Plastic Straws In Montreal

It seems like a the global trend to ban plastic straws has taken off in just a few short months. It all started when the United Kingdom passed a ban on single-use plastic this spring. Municipalities around the world then quickly adopted their own legislation.

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Popular beverage companies have also hopped on the band wagon. Just this past week, Starbucks announced that it will replace its straws with special lids for cold drinks.

Vancouver has already instituted a plastic straw ban. Now, pressure is mounting for Montreal to do the same.

A new petition calling for the city to adopt legislation already has over one thousand signatures and is rapidly growing. 

A straw ban seems like the next logical step for a city that has already made efforts to reduce plastic waste. Montreal's single-use plastic bag ban went into effect this year. Residents should now bring their own reusable bags or pay up to fifteen cents for thicker plastic bags at grocery stores.

Because plastic straws are not recyclable and fall easily into waterways, they pose a huge danger to oceanic wildlife and ecosystems. They are a choking hazard to aquatic animals and can remain lodged in the digestive tract indefinitely. Dozens of videos have gone viral online of animals with straws stuck in their bodies.

If you're like me, you've been thinking a lot recently about the environmental cost of slurping on a cold beverage through a single-use straw. The trend is definitely having an effect on the public conscience.

I have already signed the petition. Will you?

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