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Signs That You're A Montrealer Suffering From FOMO

A little party never killed nobody.
Signs That You're A Montrealer Suffering From FOMO

Are you out and about every weekend? My friend, I hate to break it to you, but you might be suffering from a bad case of FOMO. If you're not familiar with the term "FOMO", I'll explain what it is. You know that feeling of anxiety one gets when thinking that he/she is missing out on a fun party? Sounds familiar? I thought so. So here are ten signs that you're a Montrealer suffering from FOMO.

1. You start making weekend plans on Monday

It's Monday 8 a.m., you're on your way to work or school, inside a busy metro car texting your friends, like: "Hey, what's the plan this Friday!!!!!"

2. Netflix & Chill is NOT part of your plans

Your weekends are crazy, loud, memorable, filled with $2 chow mein at 3 a.m... You have no interest in staying home and/or chilling.

3. You go out even if there's a snow storm outside

No matter the weather conditions, you're on your way to St-Laurent street, ready to turn up. Snow is not going to stop you from having fun.

4. You spend way too much money at the SAQ

Every trip to the SAQ leaves you broke. Then your friends come over and everything you buy miraculously disappears. Where does all the booze go? You'll never know.

5. When your friends go out without you... it's a sad day

Why would they do this to you???

6. You hate it when people talk about an event you weren't invited to

They went to Apt. 200 and then decided to talk about that weird dude dancing in the middle of the crowd. Why were you not invited again? Why?

7. You know all the "happening" Montreal spots/events

Igloofest, Beachclub's EDM winter festival, etc. You know of them and you are definitely going to attend every single one of them.

8. You go out even if you're really sick

Flu? Nothing a couple of vodka shots and Advils can't fix.

9. Watching fun Snapchat stories makes you anxious

You see people at New City Gas dancing, drinking, screaming out incomprehensible things and all you can think of, "Why am I not there right now? FML!"

10. The word "No" is not part of your vocabulary

Wanna do Poutine Week? Yes. Wanna try that new "wine bar restaurant"? Yes. Wanna get really drunk and wake up under a bush? Yes.

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