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Signs You Finally Met A 'Nice' Montreal Guy

And he's a keeper!
Signs You Finally Met A 'Nice' Montreal Guy

Many women dream of meeting a "nice" guy, right? Montreal ladies are no exception. How do you know when you finally meet a representative of this rare breed though? Normally, I'd say that you just know, instinctively. However, for those of you who need additional reassurance that you have, in fact, found a Montreal unicorn, I've lined up a few signs that will definitely help you out.

Pssst, stay positive even if you haven't found a nice guy yet. He's out there and he will find his way to your heart sooner than later. I promise.

He keeps his promises

There's nothing hotter than him casually telling you that he wants to spend the whole day with you at a Tremblant spa. Saturday rolls around, he picks you up and actually takes you there! I'm sure you can remember that time when someone special has promised you the world and then failed to deliver.

He gets along with your friends

He actually likes your friends and legitimately enjoys spending time with them. You'll know you have something special going on when your girlfriend calls you up and says, "What are you guys up to? Let's all go for dinner to that new restaurant in Old Port!" You're no longer "me" and "him", you're "us."


He goes out of his way to make you feel special

He surprises you for no particular reason. You're at work and all of a sudden you get an arrangement of roses in a box delivered to you. It's not your birthday or Valentine's, it's just him showing you that he's thinking of you even when you're apart.

He's honest

He's honest about his past. He doesn't play games or create mind puzzles. Your man is an open book and has got nothing to hide from you.

You're not worried about that one time when he told you that he went to bed early, because you know that he was actually sleeping and not getting drunk with the boys at a bar in Plateau.

He makes you his priority

He makes plans to see you, because he can't stand the thought of not being able to hug you for a long period of time. Your prince charming actually makes an effort to talk and be around you. It's only Monday and you already know that on Tuesday you're going to watch a movie together, Thursday you're going out for dinner and Friday you have cuddling sessions scheduled.

He makes you want to be the best version of yourself

He's kind, ambitious and generous. You can't help but get inspired by how great of a person he is. As a result, you want to be the best version of yourself to match his levels of awesomeness. Seeing how hard of a worker he is makes you want to be a boss lady too. Remember that boss girl convention we had in Montreal? Stay tuned for its next edition!

You feel safe around him

Nothing says "He's the one" more than feeling completely safe around your man. Even if you get stuck in a blizzard together (which you won't because winter is allegedly over), you will have zero worries because you have a real man by your side.


Your fights are never toxic

Even if you get overly emotional and make a scene in the middle of a Montreal bar, at the end of the day, the two of you sit down and figure out how to fix things. Breaking up is never an option, both of you want to work things out. And you always do.

You never question his feelings for you

The question, "Does he even like me?" never crosses your mind. You simply know that he is crazy about you and you feel the same for him. There are no doubts in this department.


He can handle your emotions

He appreciates everything about you, even your flaws. You can be yourself around him. It's like a breath of fresh air. Remember that time when you freaked out because you didn't know what to wear while he patiently sat in his car in front of your house and waited for you? If he didn't lose his cool, he's the one.

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