Signs You Met A Montreal Gentleman

They actually exist.
Signs You Met A Montreal Gentleman

Even though I've written a few a lot of posts about chivalry being dead, I actually think Montreal gentlemen still exist. There aren't many representatives of this this rare breed, but they do exist, ladies. They do, I promise you, so have faith.

Meeting a Montreal gentleman will completely sweep you off your feet, you'll know when you meet one. I decided to compile a list of things that make me realize that I'm dealing with the best of the best (i.e. a real Montreal gentleman). I'm certain that a lot of women will agree with me on these points.

1. He takes charge

When you don't know where to eat or what to do, he calls you and says, "Be ready, I'm picking you up at 7.30 pm. We're going to that new restaurant in the Old Port." Being indecisive is not part of his character.

2. He opens the door

A gentleman always opens and holds doors for people. Even for those who don't necessarily represent a romantic interest to him. You can easily spot a gentleman during Montreal metro's rush hour; he's the one holding the door for you with a smile.

3. He's punctual

If he told you to be ready at 7.30pm, you better be ready at 7.30pm, because a real gentleman is always on time.

4. You feel safe with him

You don't have to worry about anything when you're together. Your mind is at complete peace when you're with a gentleman. Things like, "How am I going to get home from Downtown?" never even cross your mind, because you know that your safety is his prime concern.

5. He loves making you smile

He will go out of his way to make you smile. A gentleman will send you flowers or surprise you with a cute gesture for no particular reason... just because.

6. He's kind to people around him

When you're in a public place together, he never disrespects the staff or people around him. A gentleman treats a janitor with the same respect he would treat Guy Laliberté or something.

7. He gives you compliments

He wants you to feel beautiful. Even if you don't have your Sephora face on or just feeling tired... he will lean towards you and whisper, "You look so gorgeous."

8. You're his priority

A gentleman never treats his lady as an option, he makes her his priority. He doesn't have "side chicks" that he tries to sneak into low key Montreal restaurants. A gentleman values quality over quantity.

9. He makes sure you get home safe

If he drops you home after a date, a gentleman waits until you enter the house. Otherwise, he sends you a text asking if you got home alright. Remember, your safety is his main priority (see #4). A man who texts you three days after your date is not worth your time.

10. He wants your friends to like him

A Montreal gentleman pays as much attention to your friends as he does to you. He won't mind hanging out at a bar in Plateau in company of your friends, because he genuinely wants them to like him.