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Signs You Met A Montreal Mr. Grey

So you can finally live your fantasy...
Signs You Met A Montreal Mr. Grey

I can already anticipate the questions, "But how would you know when someone is Montreal's Mr. Grey? Have you actually met one?" I won't go into details of my private life, but let me just tell you one thing - they exist. You know the type of men who act and look proper in public, but have a very (very!) dark side...

It's a fantasy for many women, so I thought, why not make your lives easier and help you spot Mr. Grey in Montreal? The wonderful thing about this post is that you don't even need to sleep with the guy to know what's waiting for you in the Red Room. ;)

He treats you like a princess

A real Mr. Grey will never text you something like, "Let's chill sometime haha!" Instead, he will completely sweep you off your feet. Why? Because he's a gentleman. Mr. Grey will wine and dine you at Montreal's finest restaurants without being pushy or vulgar. He will open doors for you, bathe you in compliments and treat you with respect... outside of the bedroom that is. *wink wink*

He holds strong eye contact

Mr. Grey is not afraid of holding eye contact when he speaks to you. He will look straight into your soul. You know when you're sitting across the table from him somewhere in Old Montreal, then you casually look up and catch him gazing at you... he won't get shy and look away.

He takes charge

When you're indecisive and moody, Mr. Grey takes charge. He has no problem with being dominant. He will call you up and say, "Get ready, I'm coming to pick you up in half an hour. You're in Griffintown, right?" His conversations are short and sweet. None of that, "No, you hang up! No, you!"

He's an adrenaline junkie

He has a particular taste for everything dangerous. Whether it's sky diving, cage fighting or fast driving - one thing's certain: if your Montreal romantic interest loves adrenaline rushes, you know that he won't be boring in the bedroom to say the least.

He always looks sharp

Mr. Grey pays attention to aesthetics including his own personal appearance. "Swag" is not part of his lifestyle. His wardrobe choices are as refined as his taste in women.

He's composed

A true Mr. Grey never looses his cool. You won't ever see him get aggressive, loud or rude in public, especially not to people of service. He always looks calm and collected.

He makes you feel like a little girl

Mr. Grey is dominant and powerful. As a result, you end up feeling like "a little girl" around him. I'm using this term loosely here. In other words, somehow, he manages to bring out the innocent giggly child in you, à la Anastasia Steele, main character of the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie.

He kisses like a god

I want you to remember your first kiss. You should be able to tell whether you're dealing with Mr. Grey or a regular human being by the way he kisses you. Did he pull you in, grab your face and make you weak in the knees after dinner at Jellyfish? Congratulations, he's a keeper. ;)

He's like a puzzle

You never really know what's going on inside his head. He keeps you on your toes and plays with your mind. If you're used to decoding boys, I have bad news for you: cracking this code won't be easy. But it sure as hell is a lot of fun! So enjoy the ride, girl.

Have you ever met a Montreal Mr. Grey? Send me your story to, I would love to hear it.

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