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Signs You Were Raised By A Strong Mother

Kids these days have it way too easy.
Signs You Were Raised By A Strong Mother

As kids, we often don't realize when we have strong mothers. It only starts to show as we grow older. That's when we begin to value all the precious lessons that the most important woman of our life has taught us.

Of course, the main asset she's blessed us with is her tremendous power. As a result, we also grow up strong. However, there are other beautiful qualities that are particular to those who were raised by strong mothers. Let's see what they are.

1. You never settle for anything less than you deserve

Mothers are the first people who teach you what unconditional love is. You know that they will love you no matter what. This dedication sets a certain bar that you're not willing to go below of later on in life. Strong mothers teach you to respect yourself and know your own worth.

2. You're independent

Strong mothers teach their children to be able to solve their own problems. They're the kind of mothers who want you to know what responsibility is from a very young age. If you had to clean your own room, wash dishes or do other house chores, then you were obviously more prepared for adult life than those whose mothers played maids with them.

3. You're able to say "No."

When all the "cool kids" at school start to smoke, for example, and you decide that you just don't want to be part of them. You're totally fine with not fitting in their circle. You're independent and you're raised to have your own opinion... and that makes you a leader, not a follower.

4. You can admit when you're wrong

Strong mothers teach their children to take responsibility for their own actions and admit when they're wrong. The strongest people are not those who can lift heavy weights, but those who can admit their own weaknesses.

5. You never judge a book by its cover

Strong mothers teach their children to look beyond physical appearances. They emphasize the importance of a good heart and positive thoughts. You know you need to treat a janitor with the same respect you would treat a CEO.

6. You know when to let go

You don't cling to useless and/or toxic relationships, friendships and work places. If you're not feeling happy or balanced, you know how to politely let go and move on to bigger and better things.

7. You don't let anyone disrespect you

The way other people treat you is a mere reflection of the kind of behaviour you allow towards yourself. You set the bar for how you want to be treated. In other words, you can train your friends, lovers, coworkers and acquaintances to treat you with respect and kindness. A strong mother engraved this notion so deep in your heart, that you probably don't even realize that you have it in you.

8. You follow up on your promises

Actions speak louder than words. You know this far too well. Throwing empty promises is something your mother did not allow you to do. If you said you'd throw out the garbage, you knew you HAD to do it or else you'd get punished. It's a beautiful quality to have.

9. You're family oriented

If you were raised by a strong mother who spoiled you with love and affection, consider yourself lucky. In addition, you're most likely to continue this tradition and teach your own children to value family bonds.

10. You dream big

Yes, strong mothers are tough, but they always have your back. They want you to dream and dream big. They will be by your side while you're out there conquering the world. You're not afraid to be a dreamer, because if you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

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