Skateboarding Now "Legal" In Montreal's Peace Park

Skateboarders rejoice, the Mayor Denis Coderre is now on your side.

Photo cred - David Boots

Peace Park, an epicenter of urban activity in Montreal, especially for skateboarders, is changing for the better, and potentially forever. As of yesterday, a pilot project was approved by Denis Coderre officially allowing skateboarding in Peace Park, with certain regulations.

Skateboarding will be allowed in Peace Park from 10am to 9pm everyday during the pilot project, which will be in effect until September 26th of this year. Anyone who has had to deal with a lot of sh*t from police and city officials for skating in Peace Park knows what a big get this is.

While skateboarding is now technically allowed, it still isn't officially legal in Peace Park, meaning everyone has to remember Peace Park isn't a skate park. Follow some basic rules (throw out trash, no graffiti, be amicable to pedestrians) and next year skateboarding could be official legal in Peace Park.

We caught wind of this change thanks to David Boots, a longstanding advocate for all things Peace Park and the major force behind the pilot project being approved. See Boots in action, speaking with Montreal's mayor,  in the video below.


David Boots

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