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Montreal Will Be Transformed Into A 1,000 Foot “Slip-N-Slide” This Summer

Although we got woken up with a snowy surprise this morning, I have some news that might just cheer you up.

Slide the City is returning to Montreal this year to turn downtown into an pop-up water park.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, here’s the only thing you need to know: It’s a thousand foot slip-n-slide!

Slide the City already held dozens of these events in North America, and hopefully this year they'll choose one of our famously steep streets. Could you imagine if they set this slide up on Stanley? How about riding the vinyl slide all the way down the mountain from the lookout on Camillien-Houde? Okay, so they probably won’t be setting it up there, but we can always dream.

Prices for a single slider:

Early Bird Registration - $10.00

Regular Registration - $13.00

Late Registration - $15.00

Last Call - $18.00

Day of Event - $20.00

The event will take place on August 13th, 2016. 


Check out Slide The City’s Montreal event here.

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