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Smoke From Fort McMurray Fire Now Covering Vast Areas Of North America

If you needed some visual reference for the ongoing Fort McMurray fire, the Alberta-based wildfire currently being called the "most costly disaster in Canadian history," then we have two that will both shock and alarm you.

No, these aren't the comparison maps you've been seeing, these are pictures from the International Space Station. Because yes, the smoke caused by the fire can literally be seen all the way from space.

Shared by Tim Peake, a British ESA astronaut currently living and working aboard the International Space Station, the images provide a stark visualization of the scope of this disaster. The fire has raged for so long and with such vigour that the continent is quite literally being covered in smoke.

Smoke from #Alberta fires now covering vast areas of North America across to Atlantic coast.

— Tim Peake (@astro_timpeake) May 8, 2016

Relief efforts for Fort McMurray are still ongoing as the fire continues to blaze, with an estimated 1,600 homes and structures already destroyed by the inferno.

Given that number, the cost to repair the damage already inflicted by the fire is set at $9 billion Canadian, breaking the nation's record for most costly disaster. Quebec's 1998 ice storm previously held the title, causing damages totalling $1.9 billion.

You can look upon the Fort McMurray images below.

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