Smoking Marijuana And Driving Proven To Be Safer Than Drinking And Driving

Photo cred - Bulbasor

Weed smokers aren't surprised when they hear that weed is better for you than alcohol. They know it because they can see the results for themselves when they get high versus when they get drunk. But now there are actual studies that prove that weed is much better for you than alcohol, but it's also a much safer alternative to drinking and driving.

According to The Washington Post, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study where they found that drivers who smoke marijuana have a much lower risk of being involved in a car crash than drivers who drink. In fact, the study found that if you smoke weed, you aren't any more likely to crash than someone who hasn't consumed any drugs or alcohol.

As this chart shows, drivers who consume marijuana, antidepressants, painkillers, stimulants and other similar drugs have no heightened risk of a crashing. But if you drink alcohol you're 7 times more likely to crash.This is mainly due to the fact that THC doesn't affect people like alcohol, it varies greatly depending on how often you smoke and how tolerant you are in general. This means that defining a level of THC intake that would be deemed unsafe to drive on is almost impossible, so pot breathalysers wouldn't be useful until more research is done.

Marijuana is also much safer for you than alcohol and even tobacco, 114 times safer to be exact. A new study shows that Marijuana might just be the least dangerous recreational drug there is.

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