Snapchat Just Got Hacked, Be Prepared For Spam

Addicted to Snapchat much? We are and guess what just happened? A hacker discovered a very large security breach with the trendy app that basically enables mass matching of cell phone numbers with names in which it can bulk create fake accounts so says ZDNet. Shitty situation indeed.

How will this effect the billion dollar company? The breach created was done by reverse engineering Snapchat's AP to then add and exploit the "find friends" option and will generate numbers and obtain usernames on the app of any phone that matches the record.

It will make it so that spamming and or stalking of profiles is now possible.

“[Snapchat could have fixed this] by adding rate limiting; Snapchat can limit the speed someone can do this, but until they rewrite the feature, they’re vulnerable. They’ve had four months, if they can’t rewrite ten lines of code in that time they should fire their development team. This exploit wouldn’t have appeared if they followed best practices and focused on security (which they should be, considering the use cases of the app).

With all this being said, be warned and prepared for bogus snaps in the near future unless they stop this madness in its tracks.

What do you think? Will this make you hesitant to continue using Snapchat?