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Snoop Dogg Spotted Hanging Out With Valerie Plante In Montreal

The S N Double-O P!
Snoop Dogg Spotted Hanging Out With Valerie Plante In Montreal

This past weekend, Montreal played host to a slew of speakers, entrepreneurs and celebrities alike. Why you ask? 

Well, because it was C2, of course! 

C2 is the business and commerce conference that draws massive numbers on the last weekend of every May. This year was no different, but the big man of the weekend was arguably the D O double G, himself. 

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Snoop Dogg, himself, was one of the bigger names speaking at C2 this year. As Canada inches closer and closer to the date of legalized Marijuana (only a month to go, now!), it only makes sense that the Dogg would be at a business conference speaking about the industry boom and his MJ ventures.

Con Snoop Dog en C2 Montreal 😎

May 25, 2018

Snoop Dogg spoke highly of Canada and their impending Marijuana laws. 

LBC Holdings, Snoop Dogg's company just signed a partnership deal with Canopy Growth out of Ontario to license a variety of his products for sale come legalization. 

Exciting! Maybe, just maybe we'll be seeing more of Snoop Doggy Dogg in the future! 

As usual when the Dogg hits up the 514 - Snoop was gifted with a signature Habs jersey (I think this is like his third one?) and did a few rounds of interviews. But the busy man was in and out of Montreal fairly quickly. 

Snoop Dog came to montreal and received this jersey... But can he play center though?! @CanadiensMTL

May 26, 2018

Not before becoming friends with our city's first-ever female mayor, Valerie Plante, though! Plante was spotted gifting Snoop Dogg his Montreal Canadiens jersey, and the two were looking pretty chummy. 

Well, at least Valerie Plante looks pretty happy here, doesn't she? Are we fangirling a little bit, Valerie? I don't blame you! 

Find someone who looks at you the way Montreal's mayor looks at Snoop Dogg ;) #polmtl

May 26, 2018

Snoop Dogg also swung by a club in Montreal to spin a couple classics - so there's that. 

Party with Snoop Dogg

May 26, 2018

Don't be a stranger, Snoop! Come back soon. In case you didn't know, Montreal will have one of the first official Cannabis festivals in Canada! I think an appearance to promote Canopy Growth sales and products should be arranged!

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