Some Of The Most Handsome Doctors You Can Find In Montreal

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Some Of The Most Handsome Doctors You Can Find In Montreal

So a few weeks ago, Dr. Mike from New York City broke the internet with his flawless body and perfect smile. He also has a gorgeous husky, named Roxy, and this duo got countless females around the world feeling some type of way. His Instagram account instantly became flooded with thirsty women drooling over his perfect physique. He now has 922k followers on Insta, the thirst is so real.

Well, guess what? Montreal has doctors that will also make you want to get a checkup ASAP. Girls, try not to salivate all over your phone screens, because these doctors are seriously handsome. You're welcome.

Jonathan Kanevsky

Dr. Kanevsky, a graduate of McGill’s Faculty of Medicine, is now a Resident in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at McGill and the MUHC.

Karl Schwarz

Dr. Schwarz is a plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face, nose, and breasts. In addition, he does breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients.

Ilan Amgar

D.D. Amgar is a denturologist. He specializes in removable dental prosthetics (fixed or not) with implants or full/partial dentures.

Photo cred - Jean Paul Brutus

Jean Paul Brutus

Dr. Brutus is a plastic Surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery of the hand and sports related injuries.

Michael Bell

Dr. Bell is a resident in Urology. He's a surgeon in everything related to kidney, bladder and prostate complications.

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