Some Quebec National Parks & Sports Are Reopening Today

These activities are resuming across Quebec, including Montreal.
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Some Quebec National Parks & Sports Are Reopening Today

Quebec continues its gradual deconfinement Wednesday. Some Quebec national parks will welcome back visitors for the first time since they closed in mid-March. Some sporting activities will also resume across the province, including the Montreal metropolitan area.

These openings were first announced by junior Minister for Education Isabelle Charest on May 13.

For now, only individual sports and exterior sports that make it possible to maintain at least two meters between individuals at all times will resume.

That list includes cycling, outdoor running, rowing, kayaking, rock climbing, kitesurfing, open water swimming, roller skating, day fishing, paddleboarding, scuba diving, outdoor horseback riding, hiking, roller skiing, surfing, tennis, biking, sailing, and golf.

But, Charest said, people must "continue to be very careful despite this beginning of the deconfinement of sports. Public health guidelines are still just as important and must be respected."

"The practice of sport is not a reason to make non-essential trips between regions or [to participate in] gatherings." 

These activities will resume in Montreal at the same time as other regions so as to not encourage travel outside of the metro area.

"As I said, the watchword remains 'prudence' and 'gradual recovery.'"

Officials are still considering the best timeline for the resumption of team sports. 

Some Sépaq (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec) parks will also reopen for day visits on Wednesday.

"Our teams have placed security at the heart of their plan to gradually reopen, both for employees and customers," said Sépaq President and CEO, Jacques Caron, in a statement.

"We have opted for a prudent and rigorous approach which will allow us to reconnect with nature and its many benefits, without neglecting the precautions to be taken in the current context."

18 national parks will host a limited selection of activities, including, for some, hiking, biking, and day fishing. 

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Visitors will have to purchase tickets online, however.

Sépaq is waiting for the green light from public health authorities to resume camping, chalet and equipment rentals.

Stay tuned for more news.

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