Someone In Montreal Is Putting Red "Clown Noses" On The City's Statues

Photo cred - @jzoubris

Walking around downtown Montreal last night, or passing by the George-Étienne Cartier Monument, you may have noticed something amiss. The regularly stone-cold stoic statues of Montreal were made a little more festive and fun thanks to one person's (or people's) initiative to adorn many pieces of public art with clown noses.

We don't know who, but someone, or an organization, is putting clown noses on Montreal's public art. CTV Montreal news writer Anastasia Risacher first posed the question to Twitter, asking the Montreal community if they knew anything about the clownifying of Montreal's downtown statues with the following tweet:

— Anastasia Risacher (@ARisacher) November 24, 2014

No one has given a response to Risacher's question, though she wasn't the only Montrealer to notice the red noses. Two more Montrealers saw some clown noses on the statues that make up the George-Étienne Cartier Monument, lions included:

November 23, 2014

Lion statue at bottom of Mt. Royal - red noses on the lions. #Rudolph #Xmas #Montreal

— Jimmy Zoubris (@jzoubris) November 24, 2014

Quite fitting for the season, the statues gain an instant holiday-vibe from the red noses, which we equate with Rudolph rather than clowns, at least during this time of year. That got us thinking, that maybe this isn't some random Montrealer or street artist having fun with the city's statues, and may instead be an initiative put on by Operation Red Nose.

Operation Red Nose is a volunteer group that strives to encourage responsible drinking behaviour and offers rides home to those too impaired to drive. The group is all about offering their services in a non-judgmental/funny way, so putting red noses on statues seems up their alley. This could be ORN's subtle way of reminding folks to not drink and drive this holiday season, or you know, it's just some random kids who went to Dollarama.

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