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Someone Is Hiding Free Money Around Montreal And Tweeting Clues To Find It

Free money is the best kind of money.
Someone Is Hiding Free Money Around Montreal And Tweeting Clues To Find It

Only one thing could surpass finding free beer in Montreal, and that's finding free spend on whatever kind of beer you like. Too good to be true? You'd think so, but thanks to Hidden Cash MTL, gratis dollah bills is a magical Montreal reality.

Seemingly inspired by the similiar Hidden Beer movement, Hidden Cash MTL is a twitter account run by one Montreal who wants to give back to the community, quite literally with money. Since June 1st, HC has been tweeting pics of Montreal locations where she has hidden one hundred dollars, free for anyone to find, like this lucky winner.

All you gotta do is decipher the picture clue (thus far, Montreal landmarks) get to it first, find the envelope containing the hundred dollar bill, then snap a selfie and tag @hiddencashmtl to let everyone know you're the lucky winner.

As is always the case, some people weren't pleased with Hidden Cash's prjoect (haters gonna hate) and sent a bunch of emails telling her how she should just be donating directly to a charity, and not just give the money to randoes. Taking the criticism constructivley, HC asked Montrealers what their favourite charties were and why. Maybe HC's pockets are deep enough to donate and hide money, at least we hope so.

Get finding free money by following Hidden Cash on Twitter. Now go get money-hunting Montreal.

Will you be finding free money in Montreal?

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