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Someone Is Killing Pit Bulls In Quebec

Keep your eyes open to catch this psycho.
Someone Is Killing Pit Bulls In Quebec

Pit bull hysteria has officially taken over the province.

Every 2nd story you see in the news has "pit bull" in the title, cities appear to be racing each other to ban them and now some vigilantes seem to have gone full psycho.

Last week, a pit bull was injured after eating meat that had razor blades in it, and this week it happened again.

Only it was poison they used instead of blades.

A man named Dave Duff posted on Facebook to warn people that both his pit bulls had been fed poisoned food. One of the two dogs died and the other was taken to the Vet and luckily survived.

Here is the post he shared on Facebook, to spread the news so that we could help prevent this sort of thing from happening again.


"We're on De la Montagne Street and on the night of June 23rd, someone came and gave poisonned food to our dogs on the balcony. In the morning our 6 month old was dead in under 45 minutes and the 1 year old managed to tough it out until we got to the Laval veterinary emergency center.

This was a planned criminal act because it was done on a holiday so that the nearby emergency centers would be closed.

We have 4 young children who are traumatized that some monster came and did this to our "teddy bears". If anyone has any info, please contact me (Dave Duf) or the Rawdon S.Q. drectly.

I have the best dogs in the world and now I only have one left who survived.

Please share this, we have to catch this savage."

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