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Someone Is Poisoning Dogs In Montreal

Keep your eyes open to catch this psycho.
Someone Is Poisoning Dogs In Montreal

Dog owners in Montreal are being warned to be on the lookout for someone going around the city poisoning dogs. 

This week a Dachshund named Gaston was taken to vet because he was bleeding from the mouth. The vet then discovered that Gaston had actually been poisoned with an anticoagulant normally found in rat poison. 

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Apparently someone dropped the poison in the yard of a home in Verdun while the dog was playing outside. 

Luckily the dog was given several blood transfusions and he is doing well. 

The company who saved the dog wants citizens to be aware of this problem so they can better protect their pets.

Pet owners should be on the lookout for suspicious cat food containers that may be laced with rat poison. Similar containers were found in alleyways at the beginning of the summer near the area where Gaston was poisoned. They also shouldn't leave their dogs in the yard alone for too long 

Some of you may remember that this also happened last year and the person responsible was never caught.

At the peak of "pit-bull hysteria" last June, someone went around dropping meatballs filled with razor-blades in people's yards and another killed a dog by giving it poisoned food. 


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