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Someone Is Putting Googly Eyes All Around Montreal

Because someone needs to keep an eye on the city.
Someone Is Putting Googly Eyes All Around Montreal

Keep an eye out for googly eyes, 'cuz sets of the cartoon-ish peepers are set up to spectate around the city. Not just a random pre-schooler with a tube of crazy glue, these googly gazers are actually part of a worldwide initiative, to, well, put googly eyes everywhere.

Shout out goes to the eagle-eyed Montreal redditor who spotted a set of the whimsical eyeballs in downtown Montreal, but after a bit of 'net-xcavating (internet excavating/searching) we found the googly eyes to not be an isolated incident. These balls are most likely the doing of The Googly Eyes Crew.

Since 2005, The Googly Eyes Crew has been going around the globe putting googly eyes wherever they go, "to to keep an eye on things," as they so eloquently state in their manifesto. They've been to major cities/nations like New York, Spain, Japan, and, a couple summers ago, Montreal.

You've probably seen their ocular tags around the city, and if not, here are Montreal's googly eyes below.

Where have you seen these googly eyes?

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