Someone's Been Planting Wild Marijuana All Over Montreal

Over the years, there have been more than few bizarre scavenger hunts around Montreal. 

One man hid $500 envelopes back in 2014, Espace pour la vie organized a cultural scavenger hunt 2 years ago and one time, someone just decided to hide a bunch of beer stashes all overt the city

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But this next is one rather daring. 

According to Journal 24 Heures, one of their readers said she had noticed wild marijuana plants growing around in alleys around Montreal, so they decided to investigate. 

When they arrived, they found a plant that looked and smelled exactly like marijuana. 

Maybe this was a real thing. After all, earlier this year some people in Vancouver started planting wild marijuana all over the city, including near city hall. 

But it turns out that this plant was actually known as the Cleome Spider Flower. A plant that is famous for looking and smelling exactly like marijuana

So unfortunately for you, you won't be able to stroll down Montreal's alleyways grabbing free weed as you please. 

And just in case you do find random plants you think might be marijuana, do yourself a favor, don't smoke it.