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Sophie Turner Is Coming To Film A Movie In Montreal

She's bringing the rest of the X-Men with her.
Sophie Turner Is Coming To Film A Movie In Montreal

During the summer in Montreal, we normally see about 2 or 3 big Hollywood movies being filmed, but this year all we've had so far is Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's Netflix Murder Mystery.

Sure it’s pretty awesome, but it’s definitely not as cool as last year when the entire cast of X-Men was wandering around town

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Luckily Keanu Reevesis still expected to be coming to Montreal to film part of John Wick 3, but we have no idea exactly when that will be happening.

And sadly our dreams of running into Channing Tatum may be gone because no one seems to know if or when the Gambit movie (that was also supposed to be partly filmed here) will ever begin production.

But there is some good news from superhero universe. As you may know, last year Montreal was the main filming location of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but now certain parts of the movie need to be reshot.

That means many of the stars of the film may be hanging out in Montreal soon.

Sophie Turner already told Digital Spy that she will be "back in Montreal at some point soon". And since the movie was shot during the summer, we can only assume the reshoots will have to take place before the summer ends.

So Sophie Turner is definitely coming, but we may also be visited by, Jennifer Lawrence,  James McAvoy, Tye Sheridan, Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender and the rest of the cast!

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