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Sophie Turner Spotted Filming A New Movie In Montreal

The X-Men are in town!
Sophie Turner Spotted Filming A New Movie In Montreal

There are a lot of Hollywood movie stars hiding in Montreal right now, and so far they've been pretty good at staying out of the public eye. Except for Port Malone

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Last year during the summer, we couldn't go one week without spotting a celebrity in the city, but this year either Montrealers aren't noticing them at all, or perhaps they're just hiding out in their hotels rooms. 

Many members of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast are currently in Montreal filming reshoots for the movie that is sceduled to be relased on February 14th 2019, and someone finally managed to spot two of the main stars of the film preparing for some kind of CGI fight scene. 

Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain were photgraphed on set wearing grey outfits with sensors. Sophie Turner plays the lead role of Jean Grey/The Phoenix so you can bet that when we see this final scene she'll covered in CGI flames. 

Jessica Chastain is playing the role of  mysterious shape shifting charcter named "Smith" so we have no idea what crazy shapes or powers she will be displaying in this scene. 

sophie turner living the dream, being choked by jessica chastain

September 11, 2018

Jessica Chastain choking Sophie Turner in HEELS on set of Dark Phoenix reshoots is today's mood

September 12, 2018

Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain face off in this new set photos from X-Men : Dark

September 12, 2018

Rumor has it that Michael Fassbender is also in town, but so far we haven't spotted him either. Keep your eyes peeled becuase you just never know when you might be running into one of the X-Men. 

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