Spice Girls Are Planning A Massive World Tour

Look out for them in Montreal next year.
Spice Girls Are Planning A Massive World Tour

Yesterday we wrote about a Spice Girls themed burlesque show that's taking place in Montreal this weekend, but as it turns out, you may just be able to see the real thing very, very soon! To celebrate their 20th anniversary next year, the girls are set to reunite for an epic world tour. No official dates or venues have been released yet, but pretty much every band or singer doing a world tour makes a stop in Montreal or Toronto, or both, so we should be expecting a visit from everyone's favourite girl group in the coming months.

According to The Sun Mel B AKA Scary Spice flew into London last month to covertly finalize the plans with the other girls. One Spice, however, will sadly be missing from the reunion. Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, has decided to skip out on the tour and focus on growing her global fashion brand instead. The option for her to join in has been left open, but apparently she is insisting that she is too busy.

Melanie C AKA Sporty Spice took to Twitter earlier today to tease us with this:

To which Emma Bunton AKA Baby Spice replied:

I really, really, really, wanna zig a zig ah hope this is true and not just an elaborate prank, because let me tell you, I will be the first in line to get a ticket. Now all we need is a Spice World sequel and all will be right with the world.


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