Sports Agent Says Tampa Bay's Baseball Team Should Move to Montreal

It'll definitely give Tampa another reason to hate us
Sports Agent Says Tampa Bay's Baseball Team Should Move to Montreal

[all credit to Sportsnet]

The Montreal Expos may have left the city in 2004, but nostalgia still runs strong. It's been ten years and you can still see Montrealers sporting the Expos logo everywhere, from t-shirts to snapback to retro toques. It's a hipster throwback in a city of hipsters, but it shows that the Montreal Expos are still in our public consciousness. The Habs get all the attention , but there must be some Montreal baseball lovers who are tired of cheering for the Toronto Blue Jays as the only Canadian MLB team.

Well-known baseball agent Scott Boras, on his Winter Meetings Wednesday media scrum this week, suggests moving the dismal Tampa Bay Rays to Montreal (they averaged an MLB-worst 17,857 per home game this year)

According to Boras, "I’ve always thought Montreal was a tremendous major league city and I think it’s a town that if you put a ballpark there and particularly with the communications broadcasting rights and such that are there, that it would be a tremendous success and a very valued point for baseball.”

What about the money? “You’d have the ability to sell National League baseball to Canada,” Boras also added. “You’d have 45 million people, I believe [in Canada] and you’ve got something that they don’t currently have.

Would it be cool to get another sports franchise here? Yeah! Would it be financially wise to fund a stadium and hope to find a market not completely overtaken by the Habs? Uh...

Anyways, check out some old photos of the Expos, before they became the Washington Nationals.

Photo cred - mark_peloquin