Spotify Is Available Today In Canada

Music lovers all over the country rejoice.
Spotify Is Available Today In Canada

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Last month, Canada got great news: Spotify, the renowned (and free!) music streaming service that gets songs directly from iTunes is coming soon. Well, soon is apparently today, as we just downloaded Spotify and took it for a test-run.

Not everyone will be able to download Spotify today, as only those who joined the pre-launch invite list got the email, with many who did likely still waiting on their activation codes. Lucky for us, our code came in and we promptly downloaded the streaming service.

Spotify, being semi-exclusive and new to the nation, isn't fully equipped with many of its best features, like its social media components, but the system is pretty slick, even as it is now. You can do all the basics (create a playlist, etc.) along with other, more Spotify-specific features. To help you decide whether you want Spotify (and maybe to make you a bit jealous) here's our first look at Spotify Canada.

After setting up an account (which can be done via FB) you download Spotify (duh) which took less than 5 minutes

Your basic 'Browse' gives you a few key options: Top Lists (most popular, new, trending), Genre & Moods (kinda like Songza), New Releases, News, and Overview (all combined)

'Activity' & 'Social Chart' are a little useless ATM (based on FB + social media) but 'Discover' is very handy

Check out popular and recommended artists (based on location) with the click of a button. You can download them (if available) into your library just as easily, like I did with July Talk.

Radio lets you listen to playlists based on bands or user-created stations. You can even create your own by searching and compiling for songs.

'Follow' puts you in touch with other users so you can listen to their choice in tunes.  But as it stands, with so few users, finding real friends to follow isn't a thing yet.

'Top Lists' is self-explanatory, but will let you filter based on artist, album, and geographical area.

App finder is a cool feature that compiles new and popular music-related apps, to further better your experience on and off Spotify.

It's also super easy to integrate music from your computer, either through downloaded Local Files, iTunes, Windows Media Player, or external devices.

All in all, Spotify already looks pretty handy, and will only get better as more people are online to share with. What do you guys think?

Get your invite code here >

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