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9 Secluded Spots In Montreal You Can Spend A Summer Day Tanning

Ready your swim suit, beach towel, and lemonade.
9 Secluded Spots In Montreal You Can Spend A Summer Day Tanning

Everyone wants that beautiful tan in the summer time but realistically not everyone has a pool or backyard to tan in. I have a simple solution! Why not check out some of Montreal's public yet secluded locations to tan.  Montreal is home to some great locations that receive the best sun for those who love to tan naturally.

Montreal has great summer weather and everyone here aims to get that bronze skin. So I suggest taking out that swim suit, towel, and lemonade to one of Montreal's perfect tanning locations. You and your friends will have a great time without feeling completely stared at.

Lachine Canal

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One of my personal favourite places to bask in the sun while enjoying a picnic is the Lachine Canal! It's an absolutely perfect place to lay in the sun with a couple of your friends. It is 14 kilometres long so you will be seeing some people but it's one of the more secluded areas to go tan.

Angrigon Park

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Another one of my personal favourites is Angrigon Park. They have recently added marvellous lawn chairs to the park that are perfect for tanning. The park does get busy sometimes however, it is still very secluded and a perfect place to tan with your friends and dogs!

Parc Jean-Drapeau

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During week days, Parc Jean-Drapeau is basically deserted! Where Osheaga is held, there is a completely empty field that is perfect for tanning. You can enjoy the sun with your friends while having a lovely picnic and jamming to some music.

Lasalle Rapids

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Another place to be tanning along the St. Lawrence River is the Lasalle Rapids. Trust me, It's absolutely beautiful! There aren't that many spots along the bike path but there are many open areas and even some docs along the water. There is even a place to walk that brings you around to an island that has great places to tan.


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A majority of people forget about their rooftops! You may not have a pool or a backyard, but a lot of people have accessible rooftops that they have forgotten about. It may take a latter but it truly is a perfect tanning spot especially in Montreal. It's secluded and very enjoyable.

Old Montreal Pedal Boats

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Why not rent a pedal boat and sit on the water in Old Montreal while soaking up some sun! It's super fun and a great way to spend the day especially with a date. You might get some funky tan line but it's all worth it in the end. Or, if you and your friends are really into tanning, I suggest renting a boat for the day in Montreal's harbour!

Esplanade Ernest-Cormier

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For those who really want that seclusion, I suggest going to Esplanade Ernest-Cormier. They have great sculptures as well so it's a beautiful place to tan and relax. I suggest climbing the wall to have complete seclusion. It's a beautiful area and I promise that you will get a great tan while having a great time

Beaver Lake

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Get a workout and a great tan by hiking up Mont Royal to Beaver Lake. It truly is a beautiful place to tan. There are a few people who also tan there so if you want to be more secluded, I suggest walking up a bit more to find that perfect spot for you and your friends.

La Ronde

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If you are really desperate for a tan while having fun in Montreal, then I suggest going to La Ronde. This may sound odd but we all know how tan we get waiting in line for over an hour. It's an easy way to get tan without really lying in the sun all day!

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