Spotted At Montreal's Atwater Metro Station

Maybe it's time the STM got bathrooms.
Spotted At Montreal's Atwater Metro Station

There seems to be a growing trend these days. Not of this activity actually happening in the metro stations of Montreal, but of our readers sharing their outrageous spotted pics with us, and while it's not everyone's cup of tea, we can't help but expose this shit (blatant pun!).

Now before y'all get all PC,  yes this is gross, and no this is NOT journalism, and regardless of whether this man is homeless/unstable or not, the fact remains that this Montreal man dropped trou, much like this man did just recently, but this time in Atwater metro station to take a #2. Ya, ew.

This is not a comment on mental illness, for IF this man is indeed unwell, that is a whole other issue. The point we can make here is how is the STM not catching this stuff?  There are serious health and safety implications that come with people being sexually active, pissing, shitting, and lord knows what else, in public areas that millions of people, including children, use everyday.

Either way, we know we are not alone in enjoying a snicker at this man's expense, for better or worse, but what in the actual fuck is going on in our metro stations?

If you would like to share your SPOTTED pics with us, send them to and it just might be featured on our website.

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