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Spotted At Montreal's Peel Metro Station

There is another picture inside.
Spotted At Montreal's Peel Metro Station

As much as everyone likes to slam us for exposing Montreal's various unmentionables, if we don't, who else will? And it's not like we go out looking for this stuff, you, our loyal fans are encountering these situations every day and sending them our way.

Now, please don't get us wrong, we know we're not fooling anyone (well maybe some of you), this is not "journalism" by any standard, it's simple reporting of the things that go on in our fair city. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

You may remember not too long ago, we stirred shit up good when we published an article about a questionable couple doing some questionable things in a very public area of the Place des Arts metro station. Many of you felt that sharing such a photo was overly salacious, but c'mon people, it's the internet. Well, to take some of the focus off that, how about this: Man spotted peeing on metro platform. Yup. You just can't make this shit up.

According to the reader who sent us these photos, while waiting for the metro and minding her own business, she witnessed a Montreal man on the opposite platform straight-up pull down his pants and turn to the wall.

We're going to reserve any comments we might have on this (because lord knows you will have plenty of your own) but we will say this: Wash your hands, folks.

And here are some comments about this that caught our attention:

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