Spotted: Dog Floating On A Hunk Of Ice On The St. Lawrence River

And no one is willing to rescue the poor little pooch.
Spotted: Dog Floating On A Hunk Of Ice On The St. Lawrence River

Photo cred - CBC

A sight you'd only see in the movies was witnessed by a mother and daughter in St-Ignace-de-Loyola, Quebec yesterday, when the pair spotted a lone dog being whisked away along the St. Lawrence River, with only a small piece of ice keeping the canine afloat. Already a tragic sight, what made the situation worse was the complete denial of aid from all public service representatives, reports CBC.

Helpless on its makeshift raft of ice, the little pooch instantly struck a chord on the heart-strings of France Allaire and her daughter. After snapping a quick picture, the two called the Canadian Coast Guard, only to find that the government water-rescue team were far less sentimental.

Using the excuse "we only rescue humans," the Canadian Coast Guard flat-out refused to help the dog, justifying the decision by explaining that their ships were already being used for other efforts. Firefighters and the police reacted the same, and so did St-Ignace-de-Loyola's wildlife association, using the backwards excuse  that "a dog is a pet and not a wild animal."

Harsh, I thought animal lovers wanted to help animals, you know, for the sake of helping animals.

Surprised, and justifiably miff'd by the response from local community "heroes," the Allaire pair took it upon themselves to rescue the hapless dog. To gather the community in a rescue, the two created the Facebook group "Plus jamais seul, mon Chum!" Truly an admirable effort, though no confirmation has been made if the canine was rescued, and to be honest/heartless, you can't survive on a piece of ice for very long...

But maybe I'm being pessimistic. Obviously this dog was on some sort of mission, using his animal instincts to travel great distances via waterway like they did in times of yore. Maybe the pooch was pulling a Lassie and needed to rescue some kid from a well, or he somehow got lost in a family's big move in classic Homeward Bound fashion. Let your imagination run wild, because the alternative is more than a little grim.


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