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Spotted: Snoop Dogg Hanging Out At Quebec's Rockfest

Rollin' down the street, hittin' potholes, sippin' on Molson Ex.
Spotted: Snoop Dogg Hanging Out At Quebec's Rockfest

Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion/ The S - N Double O - P - Q - U - E - B - E - C  was spotted hanging out at Quebec's Amnesia Rockfest over the weekend. These pictures were captured by Moody Jones and posted onto his twitter account.

Is it just me or does Snoop Dogg look younger? I mean Snoop was never really a young looking guy, but it appears as though his face is frozen in time. Everyone's always talking about how Keanu Reeves is immortal but I think Snoop is giving him a run for his money.

He appears to be having fun in the first pic, but in the second one he's got kind of a death stare going. Like he's about to suddenly dive in the water and swim right up to the photographer to beat him senseless with his own camera.

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