Kate Upton Spotted Partying In Downtown Montreal This Weekend

The city was filled with celebrities!

Those of you of stayed who home on Sunday missed a hell of a show. No, not the Formula E race.

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And they're off🔥 @fiaformulae comes to #MontrealePrix #electricstreetracing #FormulaE

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Okay, fine the formula E race did take place, but I was talking about Kate Upton. 

Kate was spotted at the Formula E Jaguar Garage, chatting with the mayor and walking around in slow motion. 

Then again, maybe the slow motion was just my imagination. 

via @kateupton

Of course Kate was just one of the many celebrities that took over the city.

Walking along St-Laurent Street on Friday the streets were filled with comics killing time between shows, and apparently Jim Carrey crashed the Comedy Nest on Friday night for a surprise set.  

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