Montreal Construction Workers Pave Street Around Parked Cars... Again

You had ONE job!

Well, it happened again, Montreal's public sector workers have completely screwed up a very simple paving job. 

You may remember back in May when this photo went viral:

Via projetmontreal

Construction workers who were frantically trying to finish a pavement job in time for the start of Formula E, thought it would be a good idea to pave around a parked car, instead of waiting to have it removed. 

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And as if that wasn't enough, yesterday they went ahead and did it again!

This photo was taken in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve on Émile Legrand street.  

Via CraigSauve

This time, however they don't have Formula E to blame, so instead they said they had to finish the work quickly before the construction strike begins. 


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