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Montreal Now Has "Anti Denis Coderre" Bixi Bikes

Getting political, in style!

Montreal's Mayoral race is underway and like every year, the streets are plastered with campaign sings. 

Of course, Montrealers have various ways of dealing with this visual pollution. In the past we've seen some people decorate the posters in elaborate ways.

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Some print our their own posters.

Via mtlblog

Some decided to join the race so they too could have their face on a sign. 

Via Tyler Lemco

But now you can voice your lack of support for one of the candidates by riding your very own "Anti Denis Coderre Bixi Bike" around town. 

via @jeremy_the_wise

These bikes outfitted with the mayor's face were been spotted in the Plateau area near the Mcgill Ghetto. Let us know if you spot any!

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