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Montreal Workers Used The Wrong Paint To Draw Street Lines

You had ONE job.

Remember back in September when Montreal's public sector workers completely screwed up a very simple paving job?

They had to pave a street, but there were some cars parked on one side. So instead of having the cars towed or waiting for them to move, they just decided to pave around the cars instead. 

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But just when you thought that was the dumbest thing you'd ever see city workers doing, this happens:

Via Osama Alglawe

Via Osama Alglawe

Yesterday when the rain was falling, one of our readers noticed something weird happening with the street lines. They were melting...

Because apparently Montreal's street lines aren't waterproof?

Via Osama Alglawe

As if that wasn't stupid enough, what's worse is that the paint is now running down the street staining everything in its path, and damaging cars as well. 

Get your shit together Montreal. ​​​​​​​

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