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This Is What Happens When You Order A Poutine In New Jersey

This isn't food, it's sadness on a plate.

Yesterday a poor soul on reddit made a horrific discovery. 

arisudoublezero was hungry and decided he was in the mood for a poutine. The only problem is that he was in New Jersey at the time. 

Still that didn't stop him from ordering a plate of cheese fries and gravy, but when they brought his dish, he got a horrible surprise. 

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This is what they served him. An abomination of gravy, fries and what looks like Kraft Singles (though it could be melted plastic as far as we know):

Via reddit

The reddit reaction says it all: 

Then just to rub things in, someone from Montreal posted what they got when they ordered a poutine at La Banquise.

This is what I get for ordering poutine at La Banquise, in Montréal

Thank heavens we're lucky enough live in Montreal. 

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