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[VIDEO] Montreal Taxi Drivers Assaulting Uber Driver


As you may or may not know there is yet another Uber protest going on. And once again, instead of trying to get sympathy from the public taxi drivers have decided to act like a bunch of drunken infantile savages on Halloween.

As you can see from the video there are a dozen taxi drivers standing at the entrance of a building and the minute they spot an Uber car dropping off a client, they started a vandalizing the vehicle.

A couple of taxi drivers stand in front of the car so the Uber car can't get away while the rest of them launch a barrage of eggs. As if that wasn't enough, they then start pouring flour onto the car's windshield.

So basically in Montreal it's legal to assault people, it's legal to harass them and it's legal to vandalize private property ... as long as you're a taxi driver.

I'm sure THIS is what's going to stop Uber.

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