In case you weren't sure if roads were icy or not, you'll definitely have no doubt in your mind now. Seriously, as if you hadn't already been cautious while driving on the highway in conditions like this, watching other cars swerve on ice and get into collisions can make you wish you could avoid getting in your car altogether.

TL;DR A video posted to Spotted: Dash Cam Québec shows an 18-wheel truck "jackknife" off a Quebec highway due to weather conditions. Video available to watch below.

That's why it's pretty terrifying to watch this video posted to Spotted: Dash Cam Québec earlier today. As if watching regular cars swerve and twist on ice-covered roads wasn't scary enough, wait until you see this 18-wheel truck completely lose control and "jackknife" into a ditch.

It isn't certain what highway in Quebec this is, but there's no doubt the roads are already less than ideal. With the heavy snow and ice blowing relentlessly, it's enough to make even the more skilled drivers super concerned about the state of the roads.

It looks as if some heavy winds were blowing, as well, so that paired with any ice the truck may have slipped on led to what could have been a disaster.

Luckily, it looks like no one was actually physically injured. Although it's a traumatic experience for both the truck driver and surrounding motorists, we can be thankful this didn't lead into any collisions with other cars.

Via Photo 39050622 © Benoit Daoust -

Take this as a warning, Quebec! Today is not the day to be venturing out onto winter roads.

Let us know if you come across any videos of cars falling victim to this dreadful winter weather.

Stay safe out there!


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