"Spring Fever" Is Actually A Real Thing And It Will Take Over Your Life Soon

People are literally really sick of winter!
"Spring Fever" Is Actually A Real Thing And It Will Take Over Your Life Soon

"Spring fever" sounds kind of scary when you first hear it, but it might interest you to know that it's not actually necessarily a bad thing.

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I absolutely guarantee you that you and all of your friends have experienced spring fever at one point or another. Once you understand what exactly we're talking about here, you will definitely agree with me.

Basically, spring fever is the intense excitement and desire for summer to be here. And with the winter we've been having, I'm almost certain that everyone from Montreal is feeling some pretty intense spring fever.

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Urban Dictionary's definition of spring fever definitely describes what we all feel when the sun suddenly starts coming out. You know when you wake up in the morning and head the birds chirping and you can't help but smile? You know when your heart starts racing when you realize that it's 6p.m and the sun hasn't set yet. You know what this is? Spring fever.

Though spring fever was originally a super serious illness, it's not as dangerous now. Originally, spring fever often referred to scurvy which is caused by a lack of Vitamin C. Ah, winter you are so detrimental to our health. Now, you may just see your grades slipping and find yourself daydreaming about going to the beach a little bit too much. 

Though doctors have said that, medically, it's a little bit fuzzy, seasonal influence on our moods and our physiological reactions to weather are undeniable. Cold and wet weather makes us sad and moppy, while warm and sunny weather makes us happy. Simple. 

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Spring fever is more than just a happy coincidence, it's science. According to the studies, the change in the amount of sunlight we get actually makes our bodies produce more melatonin, which is a hormone that influences our sleep and mood. 

Turns out that spring fever actually has more symptoms besides just happiness. You'll actually be able to feel some difference that is getting your body ready for warm weather. Here are some things you can expect:

  • You'll start eating lighter

  • You're going to get hornier

  • You'll have more energy

  • You'll see an increase in your happiness

Sounds like the best kind of fever I've ever experienced if you ask me. So, there you have it: no nose-blowing, no cold sweats, just anticipation for sun and overall happiness. 

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