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Spring Weather Finally Predicted All Week In Montreal

Just one more cold day left!
Spring Weather Finally Predicted All Week In Montreal

It may be spring right now, but this morning it feels like -7°C in Montreal! That's not exactly the kind of weather you want to be greeted with on a Monday morning but luckily for us there is some good news on the way.

Tomorrow is supposed to be last day where temperatures will be below 0°C. Our suffering has nearly come to an end!

TL;DR Tuesday March 26 will be last day below 0°C. Starting Wednesday, temperatures will be steadily rising to 9°C.

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I know it's been a long time coming and we never actually thought we'd ever get here considering how many insane temperature swings we've had to deal with this year, but now it looks like the warmer weather is going to stick around for good.

Starting on Wednesday it's going to be 5°C, then 7°C on Thursday, and 9°C on Friday!

Via The Weather Network

Next week looks even better!

The coldest day will be Tuesday April 2nd when the temperature will hit 6°C, then it's smooth sailing and 8°C/9°C for the rest of the week.

Via The Weather Network

There may be some scattered flurries spread out in the forecast but I think it's safe to say that winter is pretty much over.


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