Spring Weather Finally Predicted For All Of Next Week In Montreal

Sunny days are finally on their way!
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Spring Weather Finally Predicted For All Of Next Week In Montreal

Montreal will finally get a reprieve from the chilly, icy weather next week. Starting this Friday, the weather is projected to jump to a high of 4 degrees during the day! 

With spring just around the corner, Montrealers will get to enjoy a preview of the upcoming springtime. 

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TL;DR  Starting next week, Montreal will finally get a taste of spring!

Via The Weather Network

Though it might not be exactly what we're all waiting for, the high for next Thursday is projected to be 4 degrees. 

It'll definitely be melty, so make sure to bring your goloshes.

Don't complain too muchthough, sloshing around in some wet slushiness is way better than potentially breaking a bone. 

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Before you rag on us in the comment section about this article we put out last week, keep in mind that statistically, March is when the worst winter storms happen.

That doesn't mean we can't all look forward to better days ahead that'll start next week. So quit your complaining, Montreal!

And yes, we've also noticed the snow next weekend. The Weather Network projects somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5-10 centimetres.

Though, with the warm(ish) forecast that's on the way, we're sure that it'll melt away real quick. 

Via The Weather Network

So don't expect a snow-daylike New York.

Spring has almost sprung. It's time to finally get out of our winter funk and be happy!

Believe me, pretty soon you will all be complaining about how hot it is. 

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