Squirrel Steals Montreal Man's GoPro Camera Then Carries It Up A Tree In Westmount Park

Some people question the inherent cuteness of squirrels. Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" probably put it into everyone's mind, with the opening scene likening squirrels to rats with fluffy tails. Well, any squirrel skeptics or haters need only watch the video below, because watching a squirrel steal a guy's GoPro camera and play around with it is incredibly cute, and something a rat could never do...or so we hope.

Montreal YouTuber Viva Frei left his GoPro unattended in Westmount Park, only for a bushy-tailed squirrel to nab the cam. Maybe the squirrel thought it was an acorn or something, though the motives of a squirrel will forever be a mystery to man so we'll stop the inquiry there. The end result is all that matters anyway, with the squirrel carrying the GoPro up a tree and basically being all adorable.

Check out the squirrel-cam video below.


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