Sriracha + Chocolate = The Sriracha Chocolate Pie

Truly the most versatile of hot sauces.
Sriracha + Chocolate = The Sriracha Chocolate Pie

Photo cred - Sift and Whisk

Sriracha belongs on everything. There, we said it. Every realm of eats can be ameliorated simply by spewing some Sriracha on top. One, and only one, food category was exempt from that rule, and that was dessert. Upon finding the Sriracha Chocolate Pie, we were proven wrong, and learned that Sriracha truly can be put on anything, even the sweet stuff.

Officially known as the Sriracha Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Tart by Sift and Whisk, we shortened the title down a bit, pretty much because pie just sounds so much more delicious than tart. Our title doesn't include the decadent dulche de leche aspect, which must add a serious sweet element to a dessert dominated by rich dark chocolate and spicy Sriracha.

Not the simplest of recipes, making the Sriracha Chocolate Pie involves creating your own crust and filling, though the former can be done with a store-bought pie shell to save time. Then you fill it up with a sexy mixture of dark chocolate, cream, eggs, and Sriracha which covers a rich layer of dulche de leche at the bottom.

Spicy, sweet, bitter, and all around decadent, the Sriracha Chocolate Pie is a dessert with quite the sophisticated flavour profile. Learn how you can make your own here, and feast your eyes on some pics below.

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