Starbucks To Start Serving Alcohol In Canada Next Week

Welcome to the 'Evening menu'.
Starbucks To Start Serving Alcohol In Canada Next Week

Basic white girls will have a new reason to head to Starbucks beyond Soy White Mocha Lattes or Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos, as the Seattle-based coffee chain is about to launch their newest line of products: beer, wine, and cider.

Dubbed "Starbucks Evening," the alcoholic-initiative will begin next Tuesday, April 5th at certain locations. News was released today via Starbucks Canada (and no, this isn't an April Fools joke) that outlined the new offerings, which will only be served after 2pm.

On the sample menu, glasses of white (4 varieties) and red wines (5 varieties) were available, along with prosecco, with the calories listed right below, just in case you were wondering (which is never). Starbucks is also offering every wine by the bottle, you know, if you wanna get kinda silly.

Craft beer and hard cider will also be on the menu, but there will be no standard setlist of brews across all stores. Instead, locations will have varying selections of locally made beers and ciders.

Prices for any of the alcohols were curiously absent from the sample menu, but since this is Starbucks we're talking about, expect to pay about triple the price more for any time of wine or beer than you'd get at a regular bar. Just like the coffee!

Oh yeah, and there's new food items on the evening menu too. Truffle mac & cheese, bacon-wrapped dates, and truffle popcorn are among the artisanal-sounding dishes, which honestly sound pretty delicious.

There is just one minor downside to this whole thing: the only Starbucks that will have the evening menu boasting beer and wine are in Toronto, and only three in the city at that.

Why Toronto was the first choice to launch a Starbucks bar-cafe combo is beyond us, because Montreal is certainly more attuned to that kind of setup. But while we're a bit miffed Montreal got pushed aside for Toronto, this can only mean that alcohol at Starbucks is all but an inevitability. Soon, friends, soon.

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