Starbucks' All-New "Crystal Ball Frappucino" Is Now Available In Montreal

You won't believe your taste buds!
Starbucks' All-New "Crystal Ball Frappucino" Is Now Available In Montreal

Starbucks will never cease to amaze us with the kinds of stuff that they can come up with. Every time a new season comes around, we already pretty much know that there's going to be a new Starbucks drink to go along with it.

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Personally, I think that all of the crazy colors and flavors can be a little bit much. At the end of the day, coffee is coffee. Though, I'm not sure that most Starbucks drinks can even be considered coffee anymore. 

Regardless of any of that, Starbucks will keep on going because they know that people love the cool fraps. They've seriously outdone themselves this time.

This new frap is going to be called the Crystal Ball Frappuccino and it's supposed to taste like peach Piña Colada. That sounds like summer in a drink and I`m actually pretty excited about it.

The drink itself is white and has a base of cream and infused peach tea. It will be marbled with turquoise and covered in peach whipped cream. It even has little candies on top! It sounds pretty magical already.

This novelty drink will be available starting this Thursday until Monday of next week. So, March 22nd until the 26th. It's first come, first serve, so make sure you get them before they're all gone!

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There are going to be 3 different types of the new Crystal Ball Frap and supposedly will assign your fate, much like an actual crystal ball. There's the Luck (green one), the Adventure (blue one), and the Magic (pink one).

This is the coolest thing to come out of Starbucks since the Unicorn Frappucino and I'm sure it will be just as popular. Get your Instagrams ready!


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