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Starbucks Canada Is Unveiling A Mysterious New Drink

The Black Sesame Tea Latte is here!
Starbucks Canada Is Unveiling A Mysterious New Drink

I know we just teasedthe new Ariana Grande Cloud Macchiato that is apparently being released today, but it looks like Starbucks has another new drink to unveil today, as well!

This one is officially available across Canada, so if it turns out that the Cloud Macchiato isn't available here you can always order the all-new Teavana Black Sesame Tea Latte.

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TL;DR Starbucks is unveiling a new tea latte and this time the special drink is featuring black sesame sauce and black sesame brittle. Truly unlike anything I've ever heard of and I can't wait to try it - pictures below!

Via Starbucks Canada

Starbucks is describing the new tea latte as "luxuriously smooth" with a subtly sweet, nutty flavour.

It's made with black tea, so it can definitely stand in for your coffee if you're looking to tone down your caffeine intake. 

The tea is then topped with beautifully frothed little milk - or one of Starbucks' dairy alternatives, like soy milk.

To finish it all off, the classic Starbucks drizzle. This time it's a rich, black sesame sauce that is sure to be unlike anything we've ever tried before. To make it even better, the drink comes with a sprinkle of black sesame brittle.

Maybe it's because I'm a thousand degrees from running to catch the metro this morning, but I can't wait to try this tea latte over ICE. Memories of travelling Southeast Asia are already floating through my head.

Starbucks has a whole line-up of tea lattes, like the classic Matcha Green Tea Latte and their roasty and toasty Rooibos Tea Latte.

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If we get a chance to try out this fun new tea latte, we will for sure give you a whole detailed account...

And of course, I'm still holding out for that Cloud Macchiato, so updates on that, too, when they arise.

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