Starbucks Drinks Are 50% Off Across Canada Today

One of the only perks to this winter weather? Coffee for half the price!
Starbucks Drinks Are 50% Off Across Canada Today

Over the past week, most of the country has experienced some pretty unpleasant winter storms. We've been cramped indoors while winds roar outside, left to ponder how impossible driving would be considering the amount of ice, and have woken up to literal mountains of snow swallowing cities whole. Needless to say, it's been a pretty rough winter.

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TL;DR Starbucks Canada is offering all lattes and macchiatos size grande and larger for 50% off starting at 3PM. Starbucks reserve beverages and Frappucino blended beverages do not qualify for the deal. The discount automatically applies in-store or on the Starbucks app when ordering.

One thing that can always brighten the mood during a winter nightmare is, without a doubt, coffee. Seriously, a day doesn't start without a cup of caffeinated goodness. Since we're all probably drinking some anyways, why not go on a coffee date today or do a quick coffee run for half the price?

Starbucks seemed to agree, which is why during today's "happy hour" they're giving away all lattes and macchiatos for 50% off!

This Thursday, January 10 starting at 3:00PM until closing, you can visit any participating Starbucks location in Canada for your perfectly brewed drink at half the price! The deal is valid on both hot and cold drinks, so whether you want to warm up or embrace the cold you're totally covered.

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Drinks must be at least size grande to qualify, and Starbucks reserve and Frappuccino blended beverages are excluded. Other than that there's no limit on what drink will solve your winter blues this evening!

Your 50% discount will automatically apply to drinks when your order in Starbucks or on the Starbucks app.

Only a few hours to go before we can enjoy the beverage that has made this entire season worthwhile!


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