Starbucks Is Going To Start Selling Kale Smoothies

As well as many new healthy options.
Starbucks Is Going To Start Selling Kale Smoothies

Photo cred - starbucks

It seems that Starbucks is once again trying to shed their coffee shop image by expanding their drink menu. They announced this week on their website that they will be serving cold-pressed Danone smoothies with kale, Greek yogurt and nutmeg.

The smoothies will come in 3 flavors: mango carrot, strawberry and sweet greens. Not sure what that last one is but it sounds pretty gross so I guess it must be good for you.

Those aren't the only changes coming, they've also announced new frappuccinnos and low calorie drinks for after you work out. They also will be adding some new savory food items: The Edamame Hummus Wrap and The Thai Peanut Chicken Wrap.

The new products are being tested in certain markets in the US and we hope to see the new items will be here soon.

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