Starbucks Is Having A "Frappuccino Happy Hour" Across Canada This Week

I must admit, I love Starbucks. So much, that – not to brag – but I've been a gold member for about 3 years now. It might be a bit of a problem for my wallet, but my mind, body, and soul are doing just fine with a daily dose of caffeine from this fine coffee retailer.

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TL;DR Starbucks is having its weekly Happy Hour this Thursday with deals on frappuccinos. You have to be a Rewards member to take advantage of the sale.

If you love Starbucks as much as I do, you're probably already aware of "Happy Hour." A promotion that happens weekly for Starbucks Reward members.

Happy Hour happens every Thursday and Starbucks Canada offers a deal on select beverages during this afternoon and evening only.

There is a catch, but it's small. Like I said, you have to be a Rewards member to be eligible. Signing up for Starbucks Rewards is super easy and totally free.

This week, on September 27th, Starbucks Happy Hour is going down across Canada and this week will be a BOGO deal for grande/venti Frappuccinos.

This is a great time to sample a PSL Frappuccinos if you haven't tried it already. Or just go for a classic Frappuccino with a friend before the weather turns cold and icy.

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Everything you need to know:

What: Starbucks Happy Hour // BOGO on grande/venti frappuccinos 
When: Thursday, September 27th after 2pm.
Details: Must be registered Starbucks Rewards.

To become a Starbucks Reward member click HERE!

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