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Starbucks Is Having A "Happy Hour" Across Canada Today

One day only!
Starbucks Is Having A "Happy Hour" Across Canada Today

You gotta love Starbucks in the summer. Nothing helps cool you off on a hot day like an ice cold frappuccino. Like a sweet dessert with some extra spice.

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A whirlwind of refined sugar, condensed coffee, chocolate, caramel all swirled together into a slushy consistency that is smooth, refreshing, and a little crunchy. Legitimately one of the most indulgent and delicious drinks out there. Thank you Starbucks for inventing the Frappuccino, you did us good.

Well, the long weekend is almost here, and you'll be very happy to know that Starbucks is having a special deal on Frappuccinos for one day only.

Today only, Starbucks reward members are eligible to get a grande sized frappucino after 2PM at any Canadian Starbucks location.

An important FYI: all frappucino flavors are included in the promotion! And you can easily sign up to become a reward member, it's totally free, and has great benefits. As you can see.

This is great news. Fraps are delicious, but let's just say, they ain't cheap. A large Frappuccino can run you easily over $5 every time. Needless to say, for those on a student budget, it's not an everyday drink,  but that's what makes this sweet icy coffee beverage so special.

For more info about Starbucks promotions and to find your nearest location, click HERE

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